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My precious.......

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First one is my Kokusai SR-15, PDI 6.05 barrel, R-hop, modify hop chamber, booster's polishing mods, the works internally, externally it has a DTP Aluminum front set, a harris bipod with a homemade RIS adapter, and a Leupold Mk 4 3.5-10x40.

Second is my newly acquired VSR-10 G-spec, Laylax teflon cylinder, spring guide, z-trigger with piston, spring, EDGI ported barrel, nineball bucking, IR-hop/IER hop, and some other stuff, with a homemade sling and Tasco 3-9x40 scope

Third is my Kokusai CAR-15, booster tuned SCS, I have hits in excess of 60 meters in semi-auto at about 80 PSI (<400 fps) The mags even have trades, I tried getting a pic, but it didn't work.

Lastly is a family pic, enjoy!
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Nope, I cut my barrels to fit the r-hop patches. Notice the patch is longer than the window by a fair amount? Just elongate the window. Not quite an er-hop, but still better than the dinky little r-hop in a regular window.

Actually, it is easier for me to be more precise on brass/aluminum (madbull barrels) or even steel than that little piece of rubber...
Seems like the larger patch would be more effective at adding range also. I might try one once my L96 arrives.
So sexy in od and that sling is pretty awesome i need a new sling and was planning to make it from paracord like yours (correct me if im wrong) but i dont know how :(. Do you think you could show or tell how?
I got some climbing cord and tied it around the sling mounts. 75 cents at REI.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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