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My rifle's fps is too high, need spring recommendations

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I've done as much searching as I can bare. I've come to you guys to see if you can help. I have an AGM L96 (450fps @ .20) and the field I'm looking to play on allows a max of 400fps with .20 bbs. Can anyone recommend a spring that I can put in this sucker to lower it to meet the chrono? Thanks! :bow:
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Just purchase some electrical solder and wrap it around the piston and then put a layer of electrical tape around the piston to hold it on. This will make it heavier and so it will slow it down. Over time your spring will wear in and then you can take the solder off and the piston will speed up again.
piston brake

you can also invest in a piston that has the ability to have a brake installed, this really helps to bring down the fps a little and helps with joul creep
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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