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My Rifles!

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Hey Everyone, Cleaned up my rifles today and figured I'd take some pictures! Heres my setups!

Maruzen APS2 SV

Internal Upgrades:
-PDI APS2 Hop-Up Chamber
-Laylax APS2 Teflon Cylinder
-First Factory Damper Cylinder Head
-Laylax APS2 Power Accuracy Cup
-First Factory Zero Trigger (Red)
-First Factory APS2 3 Element Piston
-First Factory Spring Guide
-Laylax PSS2 bolt handle
-KM Head 509mm 6.04 Tight Bore
-PDI SPR 250% Spring

External Upgrades:
-PDI Remington Type Receiver
-K2 Vanishing Silencer
-Leopold M1 Scope replica
-30mm Low-profile mounts
-Butler Creek scope covers
-Para-Cord Sling
-King Arms Harris Style Bipod

CA M24 Military Version

Internal Upgrades:
-PDI M24 Hop-up chamber
-First Factory PSS2 Zero Trigger
-First Factory APS2 3 Element Piston
-Laylax APS2 Power Accuracy Cup
-Laylax APS2 Teflon Cylinder
-Laylax APS2 cylinder head
-Laylax PSS2 spring guide
-Laylax PSS2 bolt handle
-DB Custom 509mm 6.01mm Tight Bore
-Barrel Spacers

-Custom paint
-Leopold M1 Scope replica
-30mm Low-profile mounts
-Blackhawk Sling with sling swivels
-King Arms Harris Style Bipod

Echo1 M28

Bone stock :)

-King Arms M3
-Harris Bipod
-Uncle Mikes sling swivels

And Here is a Group photo ;)

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Love the aps-2 sv. So which one is your favourite?
Thanks! I love em all equally, but I use the Maruzen the most!
I must say they all look like they could kick some butt. The Maruzen in my opinion looks the best though. Is that sling made of 550 cord?
You know how I feel about these rifles. ;)

Is the echo1 a new toy of yours? Is it playing well with the other rifles?
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Sure is, Just finished it up! Should have some new pics tomorrow, Messed around with the APS2 and the Echo1.

It's performance is alot better than I expected too. Now I'm on the hun for a VSR...
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Super nice rifles!! Where did you get the leopold m1 replica at??
You can look around and Find them rather easy. I got both of mine at Shop Ehobby Asia. They have some for sale at Evike as well. They are all pretty much the same :) great scopes!
Loving the CA M24, only thing I'd change would be to cut the flash hider down so that it only has the holes without the diaganol slots. Great paint job and scope.
It looks better in person. And it would just be scrap if i did that! ;)

There has been some changes in the past day, The APS has seen some trigger work, (new zero Trigger springs), Guarder Bucking +played around with the hopup, And is Now sporting a M3. I Put the M1 on the M28. Used some thinner to clean off the turrets
which explains the paint on the scope. I was going to mask it off and clean it up, But I think I like it.

-Sorry for the Indoor photos, had rather crummy weather here in Michigan. :(

Let me know what you think.

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How's the guarder bucking? Soft or hard? I have handled the soft ones and had a couple rip extremely easy on me.

Is that wear and tear on the handle of the m24 or is that just how it was painted? Either way, I like it. ;)
Guarder Hard. Was a pain to get into that pdi chamber...
I'll try to shoot it this week and see how it does.

The paint on the m24 has all rubbed off from use, except on the scope.
What I would do for the CA M24 or that APS-2! Some mighty fine lookin' rifles there ctman!!!
Very resourceful way to use 550 cord. I think I will do the same. ;)

I am really digging the M28. It is so hard to choose between getting that or the Cyma m14. I've had the money for almost 2 weeks now.
Where did you buy that silencer on the APS?

I want one for my G-Spec. The one it comes with is too small for my liking (Both diameter and length.)
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