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My sasquatch ghillie

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Plant Terrestrial plant Twig Wood Groundcover

Tire Plant Wheel Vehicle Car

Plant Terrestrial plant Groundcover Flower Grass

So this is my first suit, I finished this suit and I actually gave it to my dad for his birthday (we act in a sniper/spotter team) I'm giving him the sasquatch so he can kneel and stand to have a better view/angle of shooting. I'll be making a crawl suit (for myself) starting it this week and ill post pics of that when its done. Just fyi, these were all taken at my house, on my property.

Hope you enjoy.
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Looks good!
Damn good for a first suit mate!. Just weather it, add some veg and she'll be perfect.
Thanks! Im definetley in the process of weathering it, its been raining a lot here in minnesota, so i've dragged it through the mud a few times. Im glad it turned out well, I was worried because it was my first one, but I was very happy with the outcome.
is it a full cloak? or is it jacket and pants, looks really good, I dig the light greens
It is a full cloak, Yea those light greens are definetley my favorite as it took me awhile to perfect them to match the general brightness of the leaves and grass. So thanks for noticing! Lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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