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My set up (Pvt.13)

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As promised, long ago, pics of my set up.

My rifle:

Mauser Sr Pro Tactical
- PDI hop-up.
- PDI Raven series 6.01mm inner barrel.
- DIY barrel spacers.
- DIY spring spacer.
- foam filled body.
- weights removed.
- teflon taped cylinder head.
- teflon taped piston screw.
- teflon taped bucking.
- padded piston head.
- QD suppressor.
- 3-12x50 scope from Sutter GMBH.
- DIY sunshade.

And yet again, a new paint job. this is the third PJ in half a year

But I'll settle with this one since I really like it and gets the job well done.

They colors are a bit bright due to a silly camera, the yellow stuff is coyote brown and is lighter and less yellow in real.

My side arm:

WE-tech M9 GBB:
- DIY barrel spacer.
- DIY mag guard.

My ghillie crawl suit:
-Home made, see my sig for how to make one.

It's broken in more than on this pic, I have used it some more and looks better than on this pic.

My scope:
Like I said, it's a 3-12x50 scope with illuminated milldot reticle.
It has a DIY sunshade on it.

My QD suppressor:
Came with a flashhider which has to be used in order to put the suppressor on. I have forgotten to take pics of the flashhider.

My Harris style bipod:
Got this just a week ago, just like my suppressor. I can't get it to fit under my rifle to the sling attachment point without it wiggling left and right. So I put it in front and only wiggles the way it should.

A pic of everything together:
I will be getting a battle belt and H-harness soon, but I'll upload some pics of it when they arive.
As you can see my ghillie looks way better here

And here are some pics of where I play:
It's not big, it's my garden, and I'm sure everyone had a garden like this
And don't mind the chickens, they are off to bed when I play

A small " bunker" I made, fits one person.

A base that I made.

A bridge that I made with some twigs braided wall.

I made this because the earth below it started to slide, so it was rather dangerous to walk over the hill.

And this is a small path behind one of the hills that surround a part of the garden. It's ideal for sniping because you're on high ground and no one can pop you from behind.

And that's about it I think.

Hope you enjoyed :)
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I don't know if I will re-paint her for upcoming winter, and the wear will come eventually.
I just sprayed her last week, and I tend to be carefull with her.

I might get a holster for on the belt when I get it. I'm not a great fan of the dropleg aswell, but seeing as I have only started as a real (airsoft) sniper this year, I still have to see what I like best. So I will prolly be having loads of gear in the end

As for the chickens, they are mine and just walk around the house and give me free eggs
, they have a roof over their heads when night falls, so they are safe when we play.

Never heard of favela before, what is it ?
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I will try and see if I can add some pics of me actually wearing it. It's kind of hard to do when all alone.
I can make better pics now, since the camera returned with my girl from greece.
But since airsoft isn't legal here yet and my girl doesn't want it in/around the house all the time untill it is legal (which should be before the end of the year :)), I store it at my parents house. So those pics will have to wait 2-3 weeks.
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