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My Sniper Rifle

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Hi all, all of you guys have posted your weapon & Gears here, I guess is my turn now.

Here is my TM vsr-10


KA M3 with 120mm Flashkiller
KA 235mm Silencer
Dboys Harris Bipod, "Spring Return" version
Flyye Cheekpad / Zombie hunter patch

Stuff inside the gun

PDI Hard piston
Laylax m170 spring
PDI spring quide
PDI sear set
6,01 inner barrel

-Yet to come
outer barrel
Scope mount rail with / KA little reflex sight

More pictures coming at summer and all parts painted
and i forgot say , feel to free comment i would be happy if someone would comments :)

- DunDolF
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Very nice pic of your vsr!!
when can we see picture's from the fields where you play ???

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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