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My sniper rifle's rebirth! (paint job)

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Hello there!
Did some painting on my Tokio Marui Vsr-10 "sniper rifle" today! :)
Hope you like what i did with my little precious

Used khaki as base, then I applied some light-green and brown. After that I used vegetation (grass and to get natural pattern's. And finished it of with dark-green.

Hope you like it, it blends in with my habitat naturally :)

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I almost forgot!
Thank you 2Echo, he assisted me through the paint-job :) :) :)
It's ice but very plain. A Harris bi-pod if you deem necessary, a sunshade with kill flash and if ya want a silencer. Any of them would make the gun look nicer in my opinion. But remember it's yours that matters. :) So do What YOU like best not what others tell you.
Hehe, I got both a bi-pod, sunshade AND a silencer :)
I like to keep it simple! I have never had a situation where the bi-pod where necessary! So I took it of for good
And the silencer makes my bullet fly in anny direction it wants, but there is nothing wrong with it, so that little thing went of for good too :) and when it comes to sunshade.. i just hate them, simple as that :)

Thx for the response :)
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Can we get a pic of the whole rifle? In each pic, one thing or another is cut off.
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Haha, sorry about that

A good picture of the whole beauty will be upploaded tomorrow ;)
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In the last pic of the gun on the wall, why does it look so dark? But rifle looks sexayy =)
White wall and blitz makes everything look pretty :)
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