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I've been looking through the old gear threads and wanted to show what I carry as part of my spotter load out when not Safety Marshalling.
Since those threads where are dead and not wanting to attract the MOD's unwanted attentions (
) I thought I'd put the pic in the gallery to be safe. ;)

So, to wit this is what I carry when spotting for my regular sniper;
  • USMC style molle Recon chest rig & large dump pouch[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Six G36 hi-cap mags for primary personal weapon (G36c 348fps constant) and two spare batteries[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • KJW Sig P226 GBB & three mags [/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Three VSR sniper rifle mags[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Ballistic Shooting Amber low light intensifying glasses[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Bolle Tank Cmdr's ballistic wrap round goggles[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Two PMR radio's (Marshal & team Com's) & throat mic[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Speed loader & 5000 .2gram BB's[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • First Aid kit, CPR barrier kit & LED Torch (white light for first aid)[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Site map (not pictured) & Compass[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Personal emergency Whistle[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Red light filtered torch[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Lighter[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Spare boot lace (noobs eh?)[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Ratchet Screwdriver & various bits inc allen bits[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Cam-cream[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • 3litre Camelbak thermobak & water[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Yellow/light reflective Hi-visibility vest (Marshal - not pictured)[/*:m:7apgkfbh]
  • Gerber Multi-tool[/*:m:7apgkfbh]

However its pretty much the same load I carry even when I'm out of my ghillie and playing in my normal role of one of my site's two forces third in command (often when we play a third force I Take command of that

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Yes. I have a JG VSR G-Spec with the internals in the process of being upgraded with pss10 parts from Laylax... until it died. The pss10 piston sear has worn causing it to now slam fire. :(

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woogie said:
He said spotter load... And he has a really nicely cammo'd G36 on the left side of his kit ;)
Thanks. I did it in a digital desert marpat for one of the site I play at - its an operation limestone quarry so is fab as a desert site complete with access to loads of large machinery, rock the size of two story houses...!

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vindicareassassin said:
Slight exaggeration there chap ::) they're about 6 foot cubes, now the blast faces, then your in to 2+ stories territory ;)

Best not to forget you ain't the only Brit on these boards

If you play there regular you might of heard of our team, Los Lobos Pathfinders? As you might of guessed by my presence here, Im the team DM/Sniper.

Last time we played 'The Rock' was this August bank holiday just gone, I got my nose split open by a cheatin arse with a PTW shooting inside his MED, but thats life ::)
Yeah sorry my bad - I meant the faces. Apologies.

And yeah I've seen I'm not the only brit onboard which is a relief to know as this forum is made from people both in Europe as well as the US. I'm not that arogant.

I've heard and even met some of your guys I believe. But I don't know the names.
As for the ahem*hot*cough fps checking at the rock... hmmm.... lets just say those who do the chacking all play on one team and its only one team that all have hot limits... but I'll not name names here.
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