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My spotter's rifle: Asahi M60 SDX

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I have been working on my spotter's rifle recently. I was able to get access to a drill press to modify a can since I needed to make convert it's 14x1mm threads to 15x1mm. I choose a King Arms M14 QD with flash hider combination and re-tapped the threads in the flash hider. The can works! I'm still working on my Ghillie suit and I may or may not put oil in the can.

Here are some pics and videos.

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You guys really that disgusted with me?
If that's you spotter's rifle, I feel sorry for the group of guys that walk in front of your team.
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Lol, I think it would be beneficial to not ambush you, with him as your spotter.
I have played with a spotter who uses a similar rifle, and its a lot of fun. No one wants to get near you, and if they do, they are too busy ducking down, avoiding fire, then trying to take the sniper (you) out.

Rifle looks great, I can tell you put alot of time into it. Definitely would prefer not to be on the receiving end of it.
Oh, no! I'm not the sniper. I'm just the spotter. I'll be using my radio and his rangefinder to send in positions until we finish our objectives. If something happens before, between or after I'll let the pig take care of the problem. My friend, Sniperwoosh, is. He actually out guns me with his Booster Crimebuster. Its a gas operated semi-auto that has some mad range and much more accuracy than I could dream of. He has confirmed one-shot kills at 450'. He had a serious elevation advantage but you should have seen the havoc we caused at Noob day. 2011, will be even better. Another member was able to get Booster to bless us with another and of course I'll rock the pig until I run out of gas and BBs like last time. I had at least 100 kills within the first hour of the game. I'll let you guns know haw the upcoming game, OP:AOWII, goes. And, I'll post my ghillie suit and rifle rag within the week, probably in another section though.
Man would love to see his rifle if you can get some picks of it, or a link.
Would love to see a review or something on the Booster rifles. Been trying to do some reading on them and can't find a lot.

Would be great to get something like that.

Would you sell your Asahi M60 SDX? Thanks for your time
This post has been dead for two years buddy. This is called necro posting and is against the rules.
Also you need to make an intro post.
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