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My SVD isn't firing again馃拃

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A few months ago, I created a discussion detailing my non-firing issue with my A&K SVD. It turned out to be the trigger contacts and I got it fixed by an airsoft mechanic. The cause for the issue was that I was firing in semi way too fast and it couldn't keep up.

Now it has happened again, but some things are different:
1.) I wasn't firing too fast, I was waiting for the motor to complete its action before firing again.
2.) Instead of a sudden stop like last time, it died at a slow-ish pace, gradually losing power before not responding over the course of 3 shots.

I triple checked to see if it was the battery, it was not, the thing was fully charged.

This gun has caused me nothing but problems ever since I bought it, from the trigger contacts shorting out, to the mag release spring breaking, to the actual magazines not properly feeding, and now its not firing again.馃拃

At this point I'm seriously considering just buying a new one, but doing so would feel like a waste, $200 spent to buy the damn thing, only for it to repeatedly have problems and cause me to spend another $200 just to replace it.

Besides advice on what could be the issue this time, I also want to know if it would be wise to get a replacement for it, or if I should just keep fixing it and hope for the best.

Thanks in advance!
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You can bypass the trigger contacts completely and also introduce other features such as trigger sensitivity and precocking - potentially at least. Depending on what other upgrades your SVD has, there are other areas you could address but I have to confess I haven't seen much information out there regarding compatible upgrades. As far as I know it's a lower-quality clone of the Classic Army SVD and also has some proprietary parts in the gearbox but please, don't take my word for it - do some research on other forums as there must be some end users posting. Hopefully!

May be worth considering the CYMA SVD, it's a much more well-regarded replica and is based on the Real Sword platform. There's a great deal more information out there too but in either case, good luck.
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There you go, from the horse's mouth. I also heard that Echo 1 = Cyma for the most part, so either would be fine. Classic Army......sigh.......they have made some decent gear but a case in point: I had an HK33 which was excellent APART from the lower body snapping in half. This seems to be a recurring theme!
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I've heard about proprietary gearbox parts not being the best but I haven't been able to find a solid explanation as to what they even are and why they aren't good. Either way I'll definitely check out CYMA's SVD. Thanks!
I did look around but was unable to find any real detail.

The other option is the LCT SVD but those are crazy money - 拢1000 + over here in the UK.

Cyma is still a brilliant, skirmishable rifle you can rely on, and find information for very readily.
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Do you have a MOSFET in either of your SVDs at all?
I only have the one SVD, and it doesn't have a MOSFET, as I'm pretty new to upgrading my guns.
I should have tagged @Plazmaburn, sorry! :)
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