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My SVD isn't firing again💀

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A few months ago, I created a discussion detailing my non-firing issue with my A&K SVD. It turned out to be the trigger contacts and I got it fixed by an airsoft mechanic. The cause for the issue was that I was firing in semi way too fast and it couldn't keep up.

Now it has happened again, but some things are different:
1.) I wasn't firing too fast, I was waiting for the motor to complete its action before firing again.
2.) Instead of a sudden stop like last time, it died at a slow-ish pace, gradually losing power before not responding over the course of 3 shots.

I triple checked to see if it was the battery, it was not, the thing was fully charged.

This gun has caused me nothing but problems ever since I bought it, from the trigger contacts shorting out, to the mag release spring breaking, to the actual magazines not properly feeding, and now its not firing again.💀

At this point I'm seriously considering just buying a new one, but doing so would feel like a waste, $200 spent to buy the damn thing, only for it to repeatedly have problems and cause me to spend another $200 just to replace it.

Besides advice on what could be the issue this time, I also want to know if it would be wise to get a replacement for it, or if I should just keep fixing it and hope for the best.

Thanks in advance!
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