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Pre-ban Tanaka M700 AICS, converted to HPA. All the internals have been replaced with G&G steel parts, which were a real pain in the ass to install but it was worth it. I currently run an a dual regulator HPA rig, using a Palmers Micro Rock as the main reg and an SMC AR-20 as the secondary reg. Chrono's at 535 w/ .2's at 60 PSI. It eats King Arm's .4's and lets me score out out to and beyond 300 feet.

My go to side-arm is a KWA USP, not really anything special, colored the trades in with crayon. Love it to death.
Both guns are sitting on top of my ghillie, again, nothing special, lol.

Sorry about the horrid quality, camera cord is MIA.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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