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My VSR-10 Pro-Sniper

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Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro-Sniper w/horrible paintjob
NC Star 3-9x40mm Scope
Classic Army M24 Bipod
Laylax 6.03 430mm Barrel
NineBall Hop-up
Teflon Tape Seal Modification
PDI Barikaru Compo Vacuum Piston
PDI APS2 9mm spring 140%

455fps on .20's. I can pull the bolt back easily with my pinky. 9mm springs are awsome! Need it to die down 5fps for field limits, haha!

Me posing!
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Well unless you live in Hawaii you would have to order them from japan. Haha! There holding out on us, lol!
That's funny, because my brother DOES live in Hawaii
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