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My VSR-10 Pro-Sniper

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Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro-Sniper w/horrible paintjob
NC Star 3-9x40mm Scope
Classic Army M24 Bipod
Laylax 6.03 430mm Barrel
NineBall Hop-up
Teflon Tape Seal Modification
PDI Barikaru Compo Vacuum Piston
PDI APS2 9mm spring 140%

455fps on .20's. I can pull the bolt back easily with my pinky. 9mm springs are awsome! Need it to die down 5fps for field limits, haha!

Me posing!
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I wouldnt know if I had issues with glare as I'm usually not hunting my rifle, haha! But I'm planning on getting a scope extender and flip-up covers and a silencer(maybe).

I'm seriously thinking about redoing my paintjob(paint thinner + sandpaper). I'm using Krylon ultra flat paint. What do you guys think?

That or I could make a gun ghillie but that'd be a pain for a few reasons. Making it, keeping it on, and keeping it from snagging stuff.
Well you have to have a piston made for 9mm springs.
Very simple guys. It's called Krylon Ultra Flat Camoflauge paint. You can pick it up at any ACE hardware store. Make sure you clean your gun first. Time-wise, follow the instructions on the can. Basically you slowly put on light little coats on the gun, I spray form 8 inches away. Don't just start on one part of the gun. Spray from the stock all the way to the barrel moving the decently fast. DO NOT SPRAY ON HEAVY. IT WILL DRIP AND LOOK OUGLY!

Light little coats is the key. For the heck of it, spray on light little coats and let that dry for a minute and put on another coat until all the black is gone.

Color choices are yours but the first color I put on was Khaki and as you can see I totally overdid it and now there isnt even a hint of khaki, lol! What you see is Olive Drab(OD) and Brown.

Later on while I was putting intarded combinations of brown and OD I had the bright idea of making stencils. So basically collect the local foilage and place them up on, next to your gun and spray away, haha. Again, your choice on colors.

I don't know what's wrong with you people, lol, I thought my paintjob came out horrible but w/e, haha!
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How much FPS does the vsr-10 come with out of the box?
Around 300fps for Pro-sniper and g-spec series. And 275fps for the real-shock version.
Well unless you live in Hawaii you would have to order them from japan. Haha! There holding out on us, lol!
I don't know of any U.S. Shops who carry 9mm spring compatible pistons. But as far as the brand goes, PDI is the only one I know of that makes some. Hold on guys, I gotta look it up.
Read the piston section of this page for info on 9mm spring compatible pistons.

And heres an article on pistons that a member on this forum wrote. It's quite interesting, pistons for the vsr series.
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