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My VSR-10

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Hello my name is Noah, I live in toledo. I signed up for the forums awhile back and I havnt posted anything yet. So this is my first post here. Well here she is.

PDI Ezy Light Outer Barrel 690
PDI Precision Inner Barrel for PDI VSR10 (554mm)
PDI Reinforced v-Trigger with Piston End for Marui VSR10
PDI Ezy Bore Up Taper Cylinder Head PLUS for Marui VSR10
PDI Ezy Spring Guide (9mm Diameter Big Bore) for Marui VSR10
PDI Ezy Hard Piston for Marui VSR10
PDI Barrel Spacer for Marui VSR10 GSPEC
PDI SPR 380% and 200%
TSC 3-9X50E Illuminated Crosshair Scope
Laylax PSS10 Bolt Handle for Marui VSR10
King Arms Spring Eject Bipod (Long)
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naw, im done with my gun as far as upgrades go, dont really have the money for it anymore. I have a kid on the way, if anything im going to get a custom wood stock for it, thats if I can afford it
Now you just need one of these!
The shine on that stock makes it look pure plastic, something that I could break with two hands or bang it up against a tree. I bet that's not really what it is but once you could paint that new stock, it'd look better.

On the other hand, your gun looks awesome, very classic look. Oh yeah, pretty sweet you have a 50 magnification instead of a 40. ;)
I think that gun looks amazing. If anything I'd say maybe a paintjob, but it's not often you find just a solid black sniper rifle, and especially not one without a silencer. Anways, welcome to the boards and great first post, +1 karma for you :)
Update: New paint for the fall and added a 90mm scope extender

Full Specs:
PDI Reinforced
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Pretty nice looking gun, I like the paintjob.
thank you very much, iv worked hard for/on this gun
When people talk about their glass the first number is the magnification. The last number is the size of the objective lens (the closest one to the "objective" you're looking at).

So a 3-9x50mm means that the scope is variable power (magnification) in the range between 3x and 9x. The significance in the size of the objective is how much light is let in which also makes the sight picture much clearer and more defined. It's hard to understand the difference between sizes and qualities of glass until you go from being used to a Leapers or BSA or something and then jump to a Schmidt and Bender or Swarovski.

Extending the tube another 90mm is meant to act as a sunshade. That's not usually included in the model name stat dealie ('s a technical term) but would be listed in the features. It's optimum efficiency is when it's as long as the glass is wide. In this case, 50mm out from the tip of the glass. Then the only way sun can glint off your lens at an angle is if the sun is visible to your eye through the scope.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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Not very sure where that just came from, but I just usually use the stock sunshade that the scope company provides with my optic as well as usually put a small wirescreen over the outside so there is absolutely no reflection, I'm just trying to find a sunshade for my new scope but I don't know where to look for that one.
phridum i am well aware what the sunshade is for, i just put it on the list beacuse its something i added to my gun. didnt know i had to list my guns parts in a particular order or catagory. thanks for the comments
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