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My VSR(sooo origional :) )

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Hey guys the Camera just decided to cooperate with me today(only works if god like you), so I snapped some pics of my new VSR and I just painted the frame of my M9 so I got it up too. Unfortunately the weather isnt cooperating, so I took it in low light which(to me)seemed to reflect the colors closer to nautral light than the flash/artificial light did.

TM VSR G-spec with custom AEG barrel(KM head 480mm):
I'm hoping to get an upgraded spring and a couple sears in her soon(I cant use anything higher than 400FPS for another two years according to state wide rules).

And a KSC M9 with an Upgraded trigger spring and a 140% equivalent spring in the slide:

They look so much better in real life so I'm probably gonna update the thread soon.

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Well Ive only played at fran bar, Conquest and Springfield(hidden springs), and they all required me to be 18 to shoot hot.

I'm a supporter of the rule, there have been many injuries where people have unloaded people after 'knife' kills, who says that a jumpy 13yr old with a UTG wont do the same.

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