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My vsr

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Hellow guys!
i dont own a TM vsr, but i own a JG vsr.

i've got it a lot of parts in it :)

Laylax PSS10 Zero Trigger & Piston VSR-10
First Factory-IB-Marui-VSR-10 (555mm) 6.03
Laylax PSS10 VSR-10 Hop-Up Chamber
NINE BALL Air Seal Chamber for Marui Hand Gun ( modded with extra teflon tape! )
Laylax PSS10 Spring Guide VSR-10
Laylax PSS10 170sp Spring

Ive alsow got a VERY nice scope on it:
a leopeuld mark 4 scope
and i;ve got a silencer on it, from Tokio marui
( the vsr was not a Gspec version )

i get around 523 fps with .25 bb's
( to much for playing legal in the fields i play at )

the only problem is
im wondering, what's the best spring for normal high fps en does not f**k up my tricker system ( because i already see weardown at the system, after 4 months of playing! )

so can you guys help me out ???
the fps can be around 450 MAX 490.

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Did you buy the rifle new or used? I ask because if you got it used, then you were lied to. There is no way that there can be that much wear on a zero trigger and only have 4 months of play.

Hell my V trigger has been used a ton in the year I have had it. And it still looks like new.
PDI and laylax are all the same company ;)

But yeah I would call the company and try and get something out of them .... No reason why it should be worn yet.

Glad to see that you got your rifle, although not mine :( But half the fun is the building and waiting for the parts. Looks like you did your share of reading and got all the same companies parts...
I always was under the impression that laylax was a part of PDI or the other way around? I could be wrong with that as well.

But yeah the v trigger is nice... but the zero is alot nicer. The v trigger can have kind of a hard trigger pull but a very nice let off. The zero trigger you can adjust to the weight you like.

Market them on two different web site and make more money
But then again it could be something like the STAR and ARES thing. Ares was a part of Star and then Ares broke away to do there own stuff. Again heard and found all that out durring the L96 stuff.
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That could have been what I was thinking..

Oh well none the less they are both very good companies.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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