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My vsr

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Hellow guys!
i dont own a TM vsr, but i own a JG vsr.

i've got it a lot of parts in it :)

Laylax PSS10 Zero Trigger & Piston VSR-10
First Factory-IB-Marui-VSR-10 (555mm) 6.03
Laylax PSS10 VSR-10 Hop-Up Chamber
NINE BALL Air Seal Chamber for Marui Hand Gun ( modded with extra teflon tape! )
Laylax PSS10 Spring Guide VSR-10
Laylax PSS10 170sp Spring

Ive alsow got a VERY nice scope on it:
a leopeuld mark 4 scope
and i;ve got a silencer on it, from Tokio marui
( the vsr was not a Gspec version )

i get around 523 fps with .25 bb's
( to much for playing legal in the fields i play at )

the only problem is
im wondering, what's the best spring for normal high fps en does not f**k up my tricker system ( because i already see weardown at the system, after 4 months of playing! )

so can you guys help me out ???
the fps can be around 450 MAX 490.

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An sp150 should get you just over 500, depending on your setup. Sp130 or sp140 (if those are still sold) would work for that fps, with perfect compression and the right setup.

It's really a trial and error thing, and depends on the rifle. I'm not especially familiar with the PDI spring rating system, but those are laylax's.

Also, running ~600 fps (this could be off by +/- 50 fps, I really don't know how that converts to .2's at that speed, without doing the F=ma crap) isn't smart in any setup. However, I'm a bit surprised the zero trigger is the first thing showing wear, given its design (it puts very minimal stress on the sears).
Woah woah woah...if PDI and laylax are the same company, I definitely have had my head in the sand.

Laylax is the same (I use this phrase loosely, I'm sure there are differences in marketing, etc. but the products are essentially the same and run by at least affiliated management) as prometheus, nineball, and first factory. But PDI is separate, and distributes through as well as major retailers, and I think they have a direct retailer in England as well. At least that was my impression.

Am I missing something?

In any case, as far as trigger systems the zero trigger seems more efficient internally as far as # of parts and trigger pull weight (a matter of preference). But both will stand up to similar fps-s, so the choice really depends on compatibility.
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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