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Navigation and orienteering at night?

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Hi everyone,
I read that candidates for the 75th Rangers get tested with some land navigation during night time.

I tried and find information about this but I could not come up with an appropriate field manual or other reference text to use so I am asking:

Do you know where I could find resources and manuals related to night time land navigation? In the selection process, candidates are require to plan their walk in the woods, at night, and reach five check points without using roads or other routes that can give them away to the enemy. They have to keep their helmet light OFF at all times..

..since I know walking in the woods can be very hard at dark..I was wondering where could I get information to the methods and guidelines used for walking and navigating at night..I know about using the stars depending on the hemisphere, using terrain association and/or dead reckoning but.. I could not find anything related to NIGHT walking / marching in the woods etc.

Thanks! ;)
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Thanks! It seems that it just suggests to follow the basics, only more carefully. I have to try and take a short stroll in the dark because my fear is - regardless of all theory - I am going to stomp on ground obstacles all night long..
Once your eyes get used to the dark, you are in the safe. What is important is not to use a torch and when you do, make sure you use a red filter, so that you do not loose your night vision.

Once your eyes adjust, you will be able to see pretty well with your peripheral vision what is around you. When you are looking at something, do not look straight at it, but look a little bit above the object. You will see it much clearer.
Thanks for the tips! I will treasure them..

For the light I am thinking to buy a Surefire and was in fact
going to make sure it has a red filter.
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