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I guess this should be under commerce. I dont have anything for sale. But I NEED the services of a real top grade tech for my poor Tanaka M700 AICS.

I bought it used and I paid the first owner to upgrade it. Well, he was really not up to the task.

I have a great assembly of QUALITY of parts, but poorly put together:
custom EDGI ported barrel, 2 roy adapter, fire fly bucking, custom barrel spacers from EDGI, custom machined silencer adapter, striker spring (this is suspect BTW). I have a nice metal part 91. I forget the brand, but it was really hard to find..very nice. "Creation" i think?
Long magazine is tapped for HPA. I have a Palmers stabilizer, 68CI carbon fiber tank, custom camo paint, NiKON scope (REALLY NICE) kill flash, Butler creek covers. and a spare Laylax inner Barrel.

Nothing is working right. The striker seems weak. I am not getting the discharge of air pressure i should be having. Alignments of everything seems to be off.

The budget on this is fairly lavish. I want this to be about the best it can be. I am allowed 600fps on my field. my engagements are all in excess of 175 feet. Mostly 200 feet and up. VERY HARD SHOTS!
I am disabled so my engagement distances are always the farthest in any given scenario.

I need the gun rebuilt and tuned to shoot as good as possible using my HPA and my field rules.

You wont know what is needed until you really get a hold of the gun and see what's what. I am prepared to do what ever is necessary on my end, the $$ end. I am VERY much NOT a tech.

Please do NOT PM me. rather email me at [email protected]

Sorry, this is my first post here. I can give references and tell you of my other forums i am on to anyone interested. I have been around for a while. Just not on this forum.

Hey, I could really use some help. Its an incredibly NICE project in need of the right person to finalize it!
Thank you, Dave.

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Please make an intro post and read the rules (you are not supposed to post in this section for 2 months). I would try and help, but I have never worked on your specific gun. If you really want a top grade tech, I suggest Woogie. He is very reliable and does a lot of custom work.

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I left an email if interested.
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