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Not really dmr but I NEED HELP. Okay I have a vfc gearbox okay I just got a brand new motor the Matrix high torque long type. It pulls the spring all the way back. But as the TM eg1000 did it gets locked and stuck in the back. I can still pull the trigger but it will go back and go back to same stop and not move. Basicaly the gun won`t cycle need help please and fast.
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Spring guide has bearings. BUt it just freakin weird. I have a feeling I should shave part of the last teeth on the piston down a little. Okay piston head has bearings and spring guide has ball bearings too.
I will try anything else I should try?
Anyone have any idea ?
Anyone other idea I have a lipo 11.1 already
What should I do then cut a teeth off or switch the sector to a cyma gear
Okay besides that anythign else
Like m130
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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