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Need Help Identifying this 96

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I saw this up for auction on EBay and it’s was insanely low with 10 mins left so I put my bid in for $10 and won it. The Salvation Army was the ones who had it posted. It’s looks solid doesn’t have a mag but I got it for $10 +$12 for shipping so $22. I’m all VSR 10 and SRS Silverback but for $22 heck yeah I’ll buy a 96, Now the fun part y’all 96 owners love, identifying and sourcing parts


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Check the trigger box, well comes with a plastic trigger box and black pot metal sears. (Black metal triggers are on the gen 3 and available aftermarket)

E&C has silver metal sears from factory.

Either way it looks like an aps2/type96 model so can be upgraded.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts