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Need Help Identifying this 96

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I saw this up for auction on EBay and it’s was insanely low with 10 mins left so I put my bid in for $10 and won it. The Salvation Army was the ones who had it posted. It’s looks solid doesn’t have a mag but I got it for $10 +$12 for shipping so $22. I’m all VSR 10 and SRS Silverback but for $22 heck yeah I’ll buy a 96, Now the fun part y’all 96 owners love, identifying and sourcing parts


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Looking at the mag catch, it is either a WELL or E&C, which is both an APS2 spec, which later would become the base for Novritsch's SSG96. Just to make sure, check the chamber and inner barrel. The barrel should have an unusual cuts which would be used to retain it to the chamber. It should have a bushing of some sort and a retaining clip.
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