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Need Help Understanding Internals.

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So I have my L96 and reading around the forums and with help from many of the members I no know my gun inside and out. I have recently been looking into gas and I was planning on getting a m700. Not Tanaka, but a clone. The only problem is that I have never owned or used a gas rifle, so I do not know any of the internals. I want to learn more about the internals of a gas rifle, so I am going to link some products off of AGI and if anyone could explain what they do for the gun, that would be amazing.
These pieces, from what I read, go into the back of your bolt. They strike the part on your magazine releasing some gas to shoot the BB. Does this increase the consistency of the gas usage of the magazine?
I am assuming that these help keep the flow of gas in the gun and prevent leaking of some sort. But you know what they say about when you assume.
I have no idea what this is at all. What does it do?

Those products are what I have no idea about, except for the first one. Most of the other ones on AGI I can sort of guess where they go. Any help on the internals of the M700 would be amazing.

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When looking at parts for M700s I found this thread very useful: scroll down for an English translation.

The spring shown in that picture hits the button on the magazine harder than the stock one giving a higher velocity. This is better for HPA at higher pressures because the button on the magazine is harder to press down. The part on the top right also goes on the bolt but is for durability since other parts wear on the stock pot metal piece. The last four pieces go in the magazine and reduce the entire mechanism by a part which is said to increase consistency. Each magazine only requires one knock arm and one plunger, so as pictured you get enough for two magazines.

Two of the pieces of rubber will only fit in the Tanaka style hop up. The other is the piece of rubber on the bottom of the bolt that connects with the magazine. It is better quality rubber and helps with consistency.

The third thing you have listed is what pushes the piece where the gas comes out from the magazine against the bolt. The G&G spring is stronger than the stock one so it lets less gas leak out and improves consistency.

Hope that helps!
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