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To Start off, the reason im using an AGM L96 is simple: some chinese douche sent me the wrong thing. on eBay( i know, shoulda gone to RedWolf), i saw a brand new WELL Type 96, with scope, for $120. I pounced, and waited three weeks for it. when it came, it happened to be an AGM(low quality parts, bolt and saftey arent that of the standard L96, etc.). i contacted him, and told him that he sent the wrong thing, and soi was gonnas end it back. i got an email back saying the return shipping would be $100. he got bad feedback, and was reported to eBay. but that's why im using an AGM.

As it turns out, it doesn't shoot too bad. groups aren;t too tight, which is a bummer, but its usable. and it clocks in at 456 fps with .25's. ive gotten hits at just over 150 feet, which is alright.

Now, for the upgrades. if anyone has owned/owns an AGM L96 MB002, i would like some help. i wanna get a tightbore barrel, for a good price. ATM im waiting on an illuminated scope. so, are there any suggestions?

overall, i wanna increase accuracy, and if losing FPS is something that has to be done, then so be it. but i wanna improve accuracy.

another thing, i would also like a shorter outer barrel. so, if anyone has any suggestions, i owuld love to hear them.

Thanks guys,

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