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Need help with BB weight choice, new aeg build

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I am working on getting best accuracy possible out of my build. So far have tried .30 and .43g. Build is mad bull 6.01 with krytac hop unit, flat arm, long spring on barrel (more force applied to hop-nozzle interface) Rhop with elvish tactical patch, oring nozzle, zci gearbox, m120 spring. With .30 it's 366fps 1.9 joules, .43 it's 306 fps 1.88 joules. That's all I have for bb.

At 60yds with slight wind shooting offhand the .43 are more consistent with most shots hitting a 8x10 inch steel plate.
I think the .43 may be a little slow? Definitely expensive.
What you all recommend .36, .40 ? I will be semi only most engagements in the summer are 50-80 yds (lots of growth- trees here in the southeast USA). What can I expect from this build as far as max effective range? Any suggestions to improve it, this is my first AEG build (usually use my VSR I built). Much appreciated!
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It's in one of these

I played Monday and the gun performed well ! Longest shot was approximately 80 yds (will measure with hunting laser the next game there) on a person guarding the objective who didn't see me. 60-75 yds is dead on. Past 80yds I'm just lobbing.

For now bit the bullet (hah) and bought more .43 asg, kinda painful after being used to shooting maybe 100 rds in a game day with my VSR. Got a good price at amped airsoft.

Going to go Vietnam style mag. can a midcap reliably feed a heavy bb? I prefer midcap as the bbs aren't rattling around. Any brand suggestions for reliability/compatibility?

Much thanks!
Reliability depends on your specific mag well and hop setup, as airsoft spec matching is crap, as everyone knows. Generall mags have it better than most, as you can file or shim to fit.

I regularly use heavy BBs in my midcaps. Some brands will be better than others, though you can actually mod your madcaps with heavier springs or get inside and smooth the feeding chamber, etc, to improve feeding.

I can't recommend these because of price, but PTS EPM1s feed heavies flawlessly thanks to a super strong spring. (I bought mine used. If you can find them for a decent price, by all means go for them.)
I've run full auto .48g in various midcaps and it was all good, I wouldn't worry.
The only time I've ever had feeding issues from BBs was some really shit Kalashnikov tracer BBs that seemed really sticky/loaded with friction.

I prefer cheaper mags since I lose mags a lot, so I imagine nicer mags should be fine. That being said, idk what the difference between $35 mags and $8 mags really is, since as long as they work and don't look stupid then I don't think it's super worth it to get expensive mags.
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