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Need Help with broken Hopup part in my MB4402

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Hey folks,

while modding my Well MB4402 i broke a pin wich connects the hopup adjustment and the chamber and lost the broken part.

I couldn't find any spare parts online and no online shop here in germany wanted to give me infos on the size of the part.

I am now asking the Sniper community for help:

  • can someone who owns a Well MB 4402 or similar give me the dimensions (lengh and width) of the pin ?
  • does someone maybe have this Pin as spare part or knows where to get it ?
  • maybe you have the necessary stuff to make a 3D printer data for me - so i could take the data and print the part myself ?

If i have the dimensions i could maybe build the part from Lego or so (lol).

The part i need is located in the stock of the 4402 where you adjust the hopup and fits in a hole in the Hopup chamber to press on the white Hopup arm(s)

kind regard to everyone;

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You wanna send us a picture? That would help
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