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Now I know there has been previous threads about upgrading the SW M24, but there were no answers to the simple question: How do you get that darn muzzle cap off the outer barrel.
I have been planning on upgrading this thing (its the civilian model if that helps a bit) and I wanted to throw a longer barrel/suppressor combo in there, but I couldn't get the muzzle cap off.
I already got the orange tip off by soaking it in hot water for a few and pulling it off, but I spent about half an hour with a pair of pliers trying to unscrew the muzzle cap.
So I guess what I'm saying is I am an idiot and don't rightly know what I'm doing. Any tricks or tips or some secret way to do this? I saw a video of someone turning it off clockwise but that didn't seem to help it budge either.
Appreciate and open to anything.
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