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Hey everyone, long story short, I'm hoping my stock hop up chamber in my L96 (including attempted R-hop and stock bucking) are the causes of inaccuracy and I am finally going to replace it. My gun is incredibly inconsistent (even compared to its stock form) and the only thing stock left on the gun is the hop unit.

This seems like a basic question I could look up but all I can find is speculation. I just want to know what my best options are for nub/bucking combinations given that I don't want to attempt to rhop this oddly shaped hop up window and I have found that there's not much difference between rhop and other buckings unless we're talking using really heavy bbs (I'm using .4s)

Inner Barrel: Action Army 500mm 6.03 AEG barrel
Hop-up chamber(to purchase): Action Army Type 96 Hop up chamber
Stock platform: UTG L96 (Power unit and trigger upgraded)

Also, how do I choose brands for these bucking types? Like if I hear maple bucking, do I just find the cheapest one? I would imagine there's differences in quality.
I have way more money in this than I ever anticipated, but I just want a game-ready gun. I only play casually on my large property with friends so I'm not really picky. But the gun as it is outranges AEG's but is pretty inconsistent and has a strong right curve with little to no wind before that distance making it nearly impossible to play with. I just want a gun that shoots straight and is predictable so I'm opting for this drop-in-parts style upgrading.
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