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Need some help with my team...

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So, my friend wants to try to make an airsoft team again, but it sounds like he wants me to be the leader. I am wondering how I can be the leader of a team, and a sniper?
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Just because you're team leader that doesn't mean that you have to be squad leader too. At least in my opinion they're two different entities.
You organise the sh!t and you assign someone else as a squad leader in engagement. You aid the squad with your skills.
Oh, now I feel like an idiot, thanks for the replies.
It's fine. It seems like common sense but it really isn't. Intuitively, team leader means you need to lead, but that's not always the case.
Yeah. I'm team leader but as I usually go off by myself my big bro is squad leader to lead the cqb strikes. But I feel like if everyone has a job and you trust them to do their job there is no need for a "leader". My brother does not agree though. Hence our setup.

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My opinion is even if you can trust everyone to do their job, having a squad leader is just more efficient. Having one person, or two for that matter, in charge of relaying info and organising things is easier to handle. Chain of command. What if you are ambushed and you need to think of a plan? Even if you trust everyone to do their job, one person might think of a plan while another thinks of something completely different. Then where would you be?
Ok. Say a Guy like us comes through and takes down top gun? Yeah chain of command, I know but its not the same. We train with a ex marine medic dude, and he's the one who got me thinking like this. Its efficient enough. I mean we use two teams of two, and a sniper scouter pair. I trust my scout. And the cqb teams do their own thing. I just give them info and yell when they cross my line of sight.

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