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Thanks for tuning in. So as the title says.. I need y'all to lay down some knowledge on Hop Up Chambers.

Currently I'm running a vsr10 (ssg10, i know I know, not the greatest) and I'm slowly changing the internals. So far I've changed barrel, hop up bucking, piston, spring guide, spring, and I've installed Tridos TDC.

So far I've avoided changing the hop up chamber because i found that with the stock hop up chamber and the TDC I've gotten acceptable accuracy by my standards (only a year playing). But i keep hearing left and right that the Action Army hop up chamber is a must, etc.

And my question is.. what makes the AA chamber soooo good that's got everyone horny for it 馃槀.

What's special about all of these different chambers? Is it the manufacturing tolerances that makes them more reliable? Is it the TDC capabilities? Because the way i see it, it's just a chamber to hold the barrel, the bucking and the hop arm and nub together.

Either way, thanks to all of you in advance for reading and thanks to those of you willing to educate me hahaha.

Take care!

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It鈥檚 a hopup chamber that a company made, probably not knowing how good it would be. It鈥檚 CNC, gives and excellent/perfect air seal, takes many nubs and has a TDC design from factory. It also seems there are never any feeding issues with it. Just a solid upgrade, first of its kind really.

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If you're getting solid kills with the standard chamber, it's not really necessary, and you'd likely spend $100 on that plus the fitting TDC and get almost identical performance.

You are right for the most part, it just holds the bucking and barrel, as long as a chamber does that and is rigid/stable it has the capability of being a good chamber.
I used to use the AA chamber and liked it more than stock chambers I had, but I never put serious effort or money into make a stock chamber perform well.
Eventually I even grew out of the AA chamber and made my own chamber, but I'd recommend the AA if you hadn't already bought the TDC.

I recommend that you lap your barrel, make sure your cylinder head face completely touches your hop chamber face, and then make a one piece receiver by making a 3D printed or machined cylinder sleeve and then epoxy the receiver threads.
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