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Need some long range help (APS-2)

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Well, I've been out of the game for quite some time. I'm re-kindling the fire of Airsoft Sniping now out in California and well. I'm having something of a problem here. The problem being that I have incredibly low power it seems long range. I'm lucky to get maybe 20-30 feet before the hop up almost shoots it down. I've tried adjusting in large increments both ways and have yet to receive any justice to the problem at hand.

Here's what I'm shooting, essentially:
- Laylax APS Cylinder
- Laylax APS Piston & Piston head
- Laylax APS Taper Cylinder Head
- Laylax APS Spring Guide
- Laylax Reinforced Bolt Handle
- Laylax PSS2 Zero Trigger
- Laylax Power Accuracy Cup
- 400mm 6.01 Edgi Barrel Ported
- Promethues red Hard bucking
- Big-out H nub
- Laylax 150 spring (About 500FPS)
- PSS2 Aero Chamber

Long story short it's got the upgrades, almost $1000+ worth, but I'm not getting desired range right now. Or any for that matter.

I've also got a PDI Hop up at my disposal here that I could try and switch out, but I don't think it's the hop up unit itself, maybe just an adjustment I might have done incorrectly. Worst case scenario I take it to Airsoft extreme in San Diego and they charge me some rediculas rate and tell me more is wrong with it than it really is and I walk away mad but with a working weapon.

Thanks again for any help I can get here,
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I just bought an APS-2, I'm going to be installing basically all the same parts as you. I will see what issues I come across when I go to install mine. It sounds like everyone has listen most the things that could be wrong.
Have you relubed your gun since you got back? The cylinder head could be damaged and cause it to be not shooting enough air. Something could have gotten into the gun aswell. The hop-up could be the flaw. The bucking could be getting old(er) than it was when you left, causing it just not to work anymore. Those are my opinions.
Okay, I have the same upgrades as you, and i'm getting like 225+ range. Check the bucking, clean the barrel, look at the sear set, check the BB, check the cylinder head, check the beginning of the hop-up unit, and inside it. Dust, grim, animals, somehow could have gotten into it.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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