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Need some long range help (APS-2)

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Well, I've been out of the game for quite some time. I'm re-kindling the fire of Airsoft Sniping now out in California and well. I'm having something of a problem here. The problem being that I have incredibly low power it seems long range. I'm lucky to get maybe 20-30 feet before the hop up almost shoots it down. I've tried adjusting in large increments both ways and have yet to receive any justice to the problem at hand.

Here's what I'm shooting, essentially:
- Laylax APS Cylinder
- Laylax APS Piston & Piston head
- Laylax APS Taper Cylinder Head
- Laylax APS Spring Guide
- Laylax Reinforced Bolt Handle
- Laylax PSS2 Zero Trigger
- Laylax Power Accuracy Cup
- 400mm 6.01 Edgi Barrel Ported
- Promethues red Hard bucking
- Big-out H nub
- Laylax 150 spring (About 500FPS)
- PSS2 Aero Chamber

Long story short it's got the upgrades, almost $1000+ worth, but I'm not getting desired range right now. Or any for that matter.

I've also got a PDI Hop up at my disposal here that I could try and switch out, but I don't think it's the hop up unit itself, maybe just an adjustment I might have done incorrectly. Worst case scenario I take it to Airsoft extreme in San Diego and they charge me some rediculas rate and tell me more is wrong with it than it really is and I walk away mad but with a working weapon.

Thanks again for any help I can get here,
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Cheese Man said:
Change to the PDI chamber, and check the bucking for ANY slipperiness.
Definitely will give it a try. I don't know man, the PSS2 Aero Chamber worked amazingly for me last time I had it, but maybe it's time for a change back to the PDI. I'll edit this post when I've finished doing that.
Hm... Well I've got even more great news, so as it turns out this rifle being as old as it is a bit more is wrong than expected. Anyone know of some great sites to get some of the harder things to find? I'm looking for some replacement screws for my Zero trigger to mount to the upper receiver, as well as a new screw to mount the mag catch to the barrel.

Also, I need a new outer O-Ring for the PDI hop up as well.

If anyone could provide me with exact sizes/spacing for these pieces as well that could help. I'd like to have this piece back in action soon, so I know if anyone can make this happen it's ASF.
I've been there before and done that. The problem is I find myself having to custom grind the screws down as well as do other things like stretch the holes out. My problem is mainly the mag catch one. For those who own an APS-2 they know what I'm talking about, the problem mainly being that sure the size fits, but the head is usually too big, and doesn't allow the mag to seat in there 100%, which leads to dry fires.

I'll make a short video or something and put it on Youtube describing what's going on, along with a small video of what's happening when I shoot and I'll have it posted up tomorrow. When there is actually daylight out.
I was going to edit, but I switched out the PSS2 Aero Chamber for the PDI Hop Up. I used the Big out H nub and installed it correctly, but here lies a new problem. Maybe some tweaking can help:
So when I shoot what seems like any angle higher than 90 degrees (Dead straight) the weapon doesn't fire completely, get kind of a dull sound. All the works happen properly, but the only downside here is that the bb doesn't eject. I rack the spring back again and then it shoots relatively fine. The only problem that I'm having here obviously is the occasional misfire. Anyone experience the same thing/know how to fix this?

Are you talking about the outer O-Ring? Or the one on the inside there? Because if you're talking about that outer one then that ripped on me a few days ago. Also, all I'm doing is dropping the bb's in one at a time when the bolt is locked and then I push it in. Do you think that's the problem there?
To answer the questions:
1. Right now I'm not using anything, but I plan on using a rubber band to hold the arms down. I know that you should have an outer O-Ring but I tore mine (As said earlier) but I don't know how the pressure would be a problem.

2. I don't re-rack a new bb unless the first was already shot. So to answer the question all I do if it doesn't shoot is rack a dry round (Air) and then I'll usually see the distance I was looking for, along with power and (once it's tuned) accuracy.
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