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Need two magazine catches for JG Bar-10

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Either used or new will do. Even a link to a website with bar-10 mag catches in stock would be great. You have a better chance of reaching me via PM.
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You should make an intro post.... Forum rules.

I think so, at the very least partially. I still might need to get the plate??? that holds the magazine catch. However, that just may be all I need so thanks a lot. For anyone still looking, I still want to see your offers.
There is no plate that holds the mag catch. It just tits there and is held down by the hopup block (the metal block you screw onto the barrel).
I haven't opened a bar-10 yet so I don't really know what goes where, so forgive me as I botch the proper terminology for everything.

All I know is that Evike sells a magazine catch -now out of stock- that shows three pieces. One is a spring, second is the magazine release button, the last is what I called the plate. Is the "plate" the hop-up block?
It just tits there and is held down by the hopup block (the metal block you screw onto the barrel).
Tits where?!? Sorry off topic but that made me laugh :funny:
Tits where?!? Sorry off topic but that made me laugh :funny:
LOL I meant sits! I completely didn't realize I wrote that, thanks.

Anyway, I know what you mean by "plate" now. It is the actual catch part, the thing that holds on to the mag. I forgot about the spring, but I'm sure any old pen spring will fit if you cut it down. You could design it on tinkercad or another 3D CAD and print it out on shapeways. Google them if you don't know what I'm talking about.
Shoot, I need two hop-up blocks as well as the magazine release button. Is hop-up block the "official" name for that piece? I'm just wondering so I know what to enter in google.

I just want to say, you guys have been the most welcoming I've ever seen on an airsoft forum. Thanks for being so helpful :)
I just want to say, you guys have been the most welcoming I've ever seen on an airsoft forum. Thanks for being so helpful :)
Thanks, we try to be above those forums with the idiots that think fps equals accuracy (no sarcasm intended).

I'm not sure if "hopup block" is the official name, but it just seems the most appropriate. I do know however it is called "part 14" because of this: although that block they have a picture of looks pretty disgusting LOL.

Out of curiosity why do you need these things?
Yeah, that does look pretty nasty. Are you sure that's the part I need though? The one in Evike's picture (check my link in an above post) looks very different from this piece.
The thing I linked to is the part that screws into the barrel and holds down the mag catch. The plate (just going to call it a plate now) is the piece that actually holds the mag in placeN and is what you though of as the plate originally. If you described to us what you are trying to do and what the status of that thing is we might be able to help a bit more. I have no idea what parts you have or don't have.
Right now what I'm trying to do is buy -amongst other stuff- 2 sniper rifles from a guy. He lost the button, plate and spring for both rifles. Because its an online sale, I cannot physically inspect the rifles. I don't know what else I can tell you that could possibly help.
In that case we are back where we started. Like I said before, you can try making the parts on tinkercad and printing them on shapeways, then just using a strong pen spring cut down to size. For parts that small it would probably cost a dollar or two per piece depending on which material you decide to order.
Wow, these are really good resources. So I guess the only thing impeding me now is getting the exact measurements? Now I just have to find someone who has the parts and is willing to measure them...
I can do that for you. In fact if you want me to I can make the models and email them to you or something. I'm in the process of trying out a few different 3d CADs, but since I'm using linux I have to play around with everything to get them to work. Once I find something suitable for this kind of thing I'm going to be making models of everything just in case something breaks.

Just be warned, shapeways doesn't print precision things like a piston and cylinder, because that's not how 3D printing works. For something like this though where it just has to be within certain detail limits, it should be fine.
I have 1 mag catch and "hop up block" if you are interested in buying them. I can send pics upon request. let me know
I am just about done 3d modeling the catch part of the mag catch, then comes the button. The spring that comes with the mag catch is probably not something most people will have, so I'm thinking I should make the small knob on the catch that holds the spring to be the size of a generic clicky pencil. That way the spring is easily accessed, but if someone's mag catch brakes and they still have the spring, maybe they would want the smaller stock spring size? Give me your input on what size spring should be made.
You know, Google Sketchup is great, except for when it's not. I just about have the button finished but I am trying to get one slanted surface to meet with a flat surface edge (sorry about the crappy explanation), and it just doesn't want to do the right thing. It keeps thinking I want to get rid of the surface but keep the outlines, which just isn't what I'm trying to do. It might work with this thing I'm trying to do uncompleted, but It will look better with it done. Now if I could get 123D to work under wine, or get a linux distribution of it, then I'd be golden, but noooooo; Autodesk couldn't be bothered with making it work those linux users out there. I'm so fed up with sketchup's supposedly easy interface.

--rant over
UPDATE: So I'm done making the 3D models of the mag catches to print on shapeways. I decided to keep the stubby part the spring holds on to the same size as the stock mag catch. The reason being that I tried it with the generic clicky pencil spring and it seems to work fine with the stock stubby parts size. In fact because it doesn't twist and turn like the stock spring does in the small holding space, i am actually replacing my mag catch spring with the mechanical pencil spring. So the reason I'm keeping it the same size is because both size springs work with this stubby part size, and there is no need to modify it. Didn't quite explain that correctly but I don't have the right terminology.
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