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Alright, just gonna give you a heads up before anyone shouts at ya. You need an introduction post here.

Just tell us alittle about yourself(already owned weapons, what you want to achieve in airsofting, stuff like that)

There is also a rule that states you need to be part of the forums for atleast 3 months to post in the commerce section, unless cleared by fuzzywolly.

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Panzer, thanks for making an intro post. ;)

I am going to let this post remain up and running, as you are WTB not WTS. Just know that in order to sell or trade you must be a member for at least three months. But toomanybbs is right, for reference, go through a mod first.
(in the future to avoid problems).

Good luck finding what you need!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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