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I cant edit the title of my last post so I had to make a new one to change it from neutrual to negative.

Bought a SR25 from Swift. He shipped it fast etc but forgot to mention that he had broken the charging handle (Which is near impossible to find a replacement for) and it was missing the spring despite asking if there was any damage to it or anything like that.
Everything else seem to be as described.

After further inspection of the rifle, I noticed a few quirks. Stripped/Broken screws, Snapped mosfet wire, terrible shimming etc etc.
However, Im not putting it as negative simply because the lack of shimming skills or the poor wire management, but rather that the seller decided not to mention it in his post, and when I confronted him of the snapped charging handle, missing spring, snapped mosfet wires etc, I got nothing but rude comments flying back at me instead of a apology for not mentioning it in the post.
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