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I have been looking for some netting to use in my next Ghillie and I'm struggling to find an online UK supplier of 1" x 1" netting, has anybody got any links or a list of shops that I could look in to find some?
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ebay! Zero One Airsoft also stock scrim nets, I bought a couple from there and cut it up to wrap my rifle.

Hope I helped, Milo.
Pea and bean garden netting works really well. I used it in my ghillie. You should be able to get it at any gardenstore.
I used an old fish net...however the holes are bigger (bigger grid spacing) and the rope is rougher (ie, will not drape as lovely as real camonetting)

Best bet would be a secondhand camonet.
For my first ghillie I used that green plastic garden mesh stuff, but it is somewhat hard to move around in, so I have been making netting out of string by square knotting at the intersections. I should use the sheet bend though because it holds better. It takes a lot of time but it works well.
Look for truck netting. It is used to hold loads down in the back of a truck.
Or even buy a soccer goal net off of amazon, or a volleyball net. You could even get one of those huge nets people use to catch large quantities of fish with.
i have some extra if you want to buy it pm me for how much you need and I will get a shipping cost for ya
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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