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New CA M24 *new pics*

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Well here she is guys. She finally has some better "clothes" on for her pics. Got my wife to take them tomorrow


CA M24
PDI APS-2 palsonite cylinder kit with vacuum piston
PDI 300% spring
PDI hop up unit
G&G green bucking
madbull 509mm 6.03 tbb
laylax/FF aps-2 bolt handle
PDI handle bearings/springs
Vector Optics 1.25 x 4.5 scope

This thing shoots hard and accurate. I always thought that people that bought the name brand rifles were, well to be honest, fools. But damn this thing is rock solid! When I took the rifle out of the stock, I thought it had an upgraded trigger on it, only to find it is the stock trigger. The rifle is all one piece! The barrel and receiver all one, thought I was missing something when I couldn't get it off.

But anyway ..... Here is a single pic for now guys. Will get more up tomorrow...

More Pics!

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Not a big fan of the optic, but after reading through your threads, I understand why you are using it.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with her. Or do I.....? ??? You might tempt me to get one myself seeing that is my favorite rifle from the Battlefield series.
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I am actually only thinking about putting either a muzzle break on it or a quick detach supressor. Not going to cut this one up. I like her as she is now.

And she may become my main weapon as well. Of course I get this after I put everything into the L96...... :-[
Well I took her out in my back yard and was shooting the stop sign down the road. So around 180' as of right now. Haven't had a chance to use her in a game. I plan on doing that here on the 25th or 26th.
Hey Woogie, very nice post. I was considering getting this for a very long time! You seemed to inspire me to consider it once again... Only time will tell to see what i purchase. Nice post, love the paint job and optic.
Sparrow, please make and intro post and read the rules.
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