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New From Alaska

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Hey guys my name is Kenny and I live in the big state of Alaska! My callsign is ShadowSniper. I have about two years of airsoft experience, and this summer I just went to a sniper platform. I traded my friend my JG M4 S-System for his used ASGI G700. I haven't had much luck with AEGs, they kept on breaking so I went away from the electrics to a more simple gun build. I hunt when I get the chance so the being quiet and stalking thingy wasn't too new. For camo I use a Rothco multicam long-sleeve shirt, an OD NcStar vest, and basic standard issue military camo pants. Hobbies are hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and hanging out with my friends. I hope over the summer I perfect my sniping ability!
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Welcome to the forums. We have a lot about sniping you can learn here. Just one thing you should know, no one is perfect at sniping. There is always more to learn and more things to discover.
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