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Whats up people, Just started playing airsoft after years of paintball and truly love it.. As of now I have a Kwa m4, cybergun famas, And my UTG AirsoftGI mk96 (Traded my old paintball gun for it) also my hicapa 1911.

I just got the sniper this weekend and am in love... I Have just messing around with it seeing how it works. Set up a torso target at 200' and am able to hit it constantly only problem i am having is my scope is adjusted to its max and i still have to aim a little low and far left (There was a heavy crosswind and i was only using .25 BB's so not to worried about the Left and right) But i was wondering what you guys do to get sighted in a little better. Is this just something you have to put up with ? The bb Seems to be staying even and then at about 190' starts spinning up. my hopup is set about 1/2 way. Anyways have been looking at the threads around here and going to start off with

seems like lots of cool cheap mods for starters.. I Also found the other sticky with the upgrade order list.. But i am not sure what applys and what i should skip because of some of the upgrades the gun has already? Or are they subpar and should just upgrade the same as i would a stock gun?

First Upgrade Purchases
1. PDI hop up chamber: allows use of aeg barrels and buckings
2. AEG tightbore barrel (6.03mm to 6.05mm recommended.) Stock barrel length is 499mm, but a 509mm barrel will suffice if the end cap is removed. A flash hider will provide cover for the small bit of barrel that is extended.
3. Soft bucking and nubbing (possibly polar stars concave spacer--is a nubbing)
4. Heavy weight bbs (madbulls are nice)
5. PDI repair kit: Cheap kit, with spare pieces for PDI hop up unit.

Second Upgrade Purchases
1. Cylinder head, spring guide, cylinder, and piston and accuracy cup. I prefer laylax parts but PDI parts are also very high quality.
-Note: the cylinder being the most expensive is not necessary with the purchase of the spring guide, piston, and cylinder head. The stock cylinder will suffice just fine for now.
2. Trigger sear and piston sear. Although, the stock sears held up extremely fine, and show no signs of wear after three years of use.

Third Upgrade Purchases
1. Zero trigger
2. If not bought yet, a teflon cylinder
3. Heavier spring (note how other internal parts were upgraded before the spring was. This is very important

Fourth upgrade purchases
1. Flash hider adapter
2. Flash hider
3. New bolt handle
Note how these are not necessary upgrade parts. Some offer good durability upgrades, whiles others are for looks

That is the list i am referring too

anyways my goal is to consistently hit a torso target at 300' under 550fps Not sure if thats reasonable but it is what i am aiming for lol

sorry for the long post but figured i would say hello and maybe get some tips to get me started in the right direction on where i should be going with this and with some things i was un sure about

Thanks and nice to be here!

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