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New GBB pistol.

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I am lusting after this. I haven't found anymore information anywhere on it. I am into airsoft for realistic training opportunities it presents, and this piece finally seals the deal for me. I have been avoiding all the gas crap because I live in MN, and CO2 is cold when it expands. AND it hits really hard.

I need this gun and AT LEAST 5 more mags to be happy.
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I have discovered that this pistol is essentially the KJW V2 1911, but is a new version for CO2.

My understanding is that WE and KJW's are similar, but KJW are fully TM compatible (essentially clones) but are made with metal.

The gas versions can be had for about $110 ( and spare mags for about $20.
Yeah, I've been looking at similar ones for a while now.

But that's a double stack system and therefore, not a replica of a USGI 1911. Para-Ord did make some double stack 1911. Naturally, the grip is bigger though, and that's the deal sealer for me. I like airsoft that is exact replica's for realistic training purposes. Then I can "hit the range" in my basement, and not have to blow $100 on ammo just to keep my skills sharp.
Mosin said:
having the skills of a USPC pistol shooter and the dedication of a sniper, would truely be a combo I would not want to face in the field.
Quit giving away my secrets!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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