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New GBB pistol.

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I am lusting after this. I haven't found anymore information anywhere on it. I am into airsoft for realistic training opportunities it presents, and this piece finally seals the deal for me. I have been avoiding all the gas crap because I live in MN, and CO2 is cold when it expands. AND it hits really hard.

I need this gun and AT LEAST 5 more mags to be happy.
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Not bad. If I weren't already getting a WA 1911 with $250+ in upgrades on it I'd probably look into getting one. Pretty much just a co2 1911. I saw one before somewhere.. I think it was Redwolf.
Yeah, that was the one. But I think I might have to save up some and look into getting this. Ever sinse doing some CQB at this haunted house by my house I've come to notice that I like pistols a lot. So maybe duel 1911's and two drop leg holsters on each side?

That'd be a pretty cool addition to any sniper if you ask me, having the skills of a USPC pistol shooter and the dedication of a sniper, would truely be a combo I would not want to face in the field.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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