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New Gun, New Load Out

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i just got the co2 WE scar in black what gear should i get for it (for the gun)?
I was thinking a 3x magnifier up to a holographic an adapter to put my moc silencer on one of the lasers you ussually see on m4s a fore grip and it is my secondary so i want 2 or 3 mags the one i came with has a gas leak atleast i think because its not even shooting the hole mag with a co2 cartridge
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Well, I would get a few of the important things.

1. Extra mags
-depending if this is your primary, you might want to get 5 or 6. If its a secondary maybe just 3.
2. A vest or some pouches to carry the mags
-I would make your own vest, starting with a simple plate carrier, or molle vest, that way you can customize it for exactly how you are going to use it.
3. A hydration pack to carry some water.
4. Radio
5. Radio pouch
6. Dump pouch
7. An optic of some sort
8 Internal upgrades such as a tightbore barrel

The options are endless, but I would start with some mags and a vest, and if you have the money, move on to some of the more expensive upgrades such as internal parts, or a nice optic of some sort.
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