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Im Michael
My callsign is Toomanybbs.
I have been airsofting for 2-3 years now. I have no military experience.
Arsenal: JG-Bar10, Kwa m1911 DS PTP, and a Kwa Km4 RIS.
Attatchments: Scope for my Bar-10, Replica Eotech for my M4, BUIS for my M4, and a foregrip for my M4.
Mags: 3 Bar-10 mags, 6 M4 mags with Magpulls, 3 1911 mags.
Camo: 1 home made desert ghillie suit, also making another as I speak, 3-desert color BDU's, woodland BDU's
Other Hobbies: School(not really a hobbie but takes up alot of time), Airsoft is pretty much it, Real Steel shooting.
Born in England, live in San Diego;CA
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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