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new guy on the block

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Name: Andrew

Callsign: Elf

Experience: so far 4.5 yr military, 1 year airsoft, 1 game sniper role

What I am shooting: ordered my well g96 should be arriving in 2 days, army standard issue colt m-16 (currently deployed) and looking for back up guns as we speak

My Camo: none... it is a work in progress

My other hobbies: building fast cars, reading, and spending all the time i can with my wife and daughter

Where do I reside: GA, but FL is my true stomping grounds

If its not apparent as of now im completely new to sniping all together last game i plaid in the states i wos given the role just to see if i fit there and loved it so im now trying to learn all i can to train my self to be the best sniper a mini guy like myself can be
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It's always nice to have more military personnel here,

Not trying to be a asshole, but you need to mind your grammar. For a grown adult, you type like a child. I do know you can write better, so do so :).
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