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Name: Wesley

Callsign: wesley810

Experience: I've been playing airsoft for about 3 years now, but haven't gotten real serious about it since we created our new airsoft forum for our state. Now my team and I usually make the operations that are hosted every other weekend. As for my experience on sniping, I have very limited experience and have just started using sniper rifles for a few months now, but haven't started actually "sniping" yet if you know what I mean.

Equipment: Currently, I own an A&K SVD, KJW M700, Ares DSR-1 and a few unimportant AEGs.

Camo: I haven't started making a ghillie yet, but was hoping to look through some of the threads on here to get some more knowledge. I have many different sets of camo uniforms as of right now.

Hobbies: I enjoy riding dirt bikes, although recently gave up racing because of costs. I still love to go out and just ride for fun though. I love airsoft though. It's starting to take over as one of my favorite things to do. When I am doing it, I'm loving it and when I'm not doing it, I'm thinking about past games and upcoming games.

Residence: I was born in Ohio, but moved to South Carolina as a baby and have been here my whole life. My team and I started playing airsoft here about 3 years ago, but just started getting serious about 1 year ago. The reasoning is because the forum that usually hosts all the operations split and we joined the new one. We have a really great group of guys that show for all the games and are a joy to play with.
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Welcome!!! I was born in Hilton Head S.C. and moved to Michigan!!! :)
nate said:
Welcome!!! I was born in Hilton Head S.C. and moved to Michigan!!! :)
Thanks a lot nate, and thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. Hilton Head is a very nice place. I've taken a few vacations there. It's also only a couple of hours away.
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