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New here

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Hi people

Just a quick introduction. My name is Jon and I live in the UK. I have spent the last 22 years in the military and now teach within the Army Cadet Force (trying to pass on some of this knowledge :) )

Here's me

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Glad to have you aboard chap, and nice to have a fellow Brit on the boards ;) where you from? And where do you play?
ronin677 said:
I'm from Norwich and at the moment don't play (just teach cam and concealment to cadets). I am looking at a group just north of Norwich though :)

Glad to be here btw
I'm based at Chepstow and curently play for a team by the name of Los Lobos based in Bristol. We are very nomadic and play all over the country from Portland Bill (The Rock) and Combat South, all the way up to Free Fire Zone and Urban Assault in Peterborough. I don't believe we have ever ventured in the Norwich direction yet, but you'll know when we do, a bunch of scrumpy drinkin, west country oo ar's will be hard to miss ;)
phridum said:
vindicareassassin said:
a bunch of scrumpy drinkin, west country oo ar's will be hard to miss ;)
I have no idea what you just said.
Sorry chap, but we don't all talk like Hugh Grant, infact some of us from the more extreme parts of the country should come with sub titles ;)
phridum said:
See now that's funny
and not to far from the truth ;) fact is if I was to type how I talk you'd probably only understand 1 word in 5
and even typing doesn't carry over the full extent of the OO, I and AR in the accent ;)
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See thats the odd thing down here, it realy does depend on how your parents speak as to what accent you end up with ??? Because we live right on the boarder of Wales, the West Country and the Forest of Dean there is a vast range of different accents in a really small area. I have a broad Forest accent, which most think is a West country accent as they sound quite similar, until you stand me and my Bristol team mates together, it then becomes quite obvious that they arn't, but my mate, who I have known since I was 11 speaks with a welsh accent, and he was brought up 5 miles away from me :-/ but then when we were working together in deepest darkest Wales, they all thought he came from Bristol, which is odd as he very obviously has a Welsh accent, so god only knows where they thought I came from
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1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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