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New here

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Hi people

Just a quick introduction. My name is Jon and I live in the UK. I have spent the last 22 years in the military and now teach within the Army Cadet Force (trying to pass on some of this knowledge :) )

Here's me

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I'm from Norwich and at the moment don't play (just teach cam and concealment to cadets). I am looking at a group just north of Norwich though :)

Glad to be here btw
Peterborough isn't a million miles from me. And hey, make sure you bring the scrumpy :)
woogie said:
Wow you look realy young for your age
Its amazing what cam cream can do for people
unfortunately my knees and ankles realise they are 38 years old and constantly remind me

I totally agree about buying a little Country just for airsoft ;) May be we could show all the other countries how to chill out a bit and not take things so seriously
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Thanks for the welcome Mosin. I have now read through the rules and regs and will try not to break any of them. If I do, please shout and I'll try to recitfy the problem :)

I joined the British Army back in 1986 as a Junior Leader, badged to the 2RTR. After leaving the regs I joined the Territorial Army in 1993 and have served with them ever since. Although I now teach teenage army cadets as my knees are knackered. This way I get to kep my hand in, whilst also putting a little back into the military.

Heres a little pic of me and some of the guys from my artillery battery on the firing range in Hythe, UK (with a nice sample of souvenir weapons aquired by the range)

Anyways, its good to be here and I hope I get to get to know you all a lt better. Once again thanks for the warm welcome
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phridum said:
I did some training there. And Lydd. Mostly Lydd.
Cool. We only ever got to go to Hythe the once as most of our APWT's were done at Thetford. Never got to go to Lydd though :(

What Regt did you serve with? I was with 202 Battery 106 RA(V) at the time of the photo, whilst we were in our transition period between FH70 and LML.
If you want to hear a real Norfolk accent you should listen to my mother. Even I can't understand her sometimes
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