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New Maruzen?

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I think I was ghosting the MIA boards when I fist heard about that new Maruzin. Supposedly Its ambidextrous and can use APS2 parts. It didnt so ABSy in the preview, is this really it? I might have to pick one up; Its not exactly a looker but I'm sure someone will come out with an alternate body.

Please deleate if this is the wrong gun or if theres already a thread about it, I didnt see one so I thought I would share.

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It's been out for a few months now, though it was is intended for the target shooting market. I've not heard that it's compatible with APS aftermarket parts, but it does run on gas.

I'll be calling Power Edge Hawaii sometime in the next week, if I remember to, I'll ask Dave to give me some more information on the gun. Here's a shop-modified one of theirs
I was looking around and asking about these rifles. And I found that they have no hop up what so ever. That and they are very hard to mod and get the normal APS parts to fit.

But then again those were all from other people that probably don't have much patients and know how... Not bad if you would be able to get a hop up in it and working really well though .
It looks horrible... It resembles me from a bad hybrition of M4, a brick and the Finnish non-Tp Rk 95 Tp (Tp mean taittoperae, which means folding but-stock) service rifle and all this having vacuum cleaners tube as outer barrel... Sheesh...
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