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Hey! Im 21 year old male from Finland and have been playing on-off airsoft since 3rd grade (12 years I think).
First weapon was tippman 30€ shotgun and played with friends on backyard and nearby forests. After few years I felt defenceless after friend were getting their AEG:s and decided to go for kart m58 and it made me more interested in sniper role.

After that Ive had:

JG Bar-10 G: My favourite gun so far, so silent and fit my stealthy gameplay perfectly but lacked range in some fields I played

HFC vsr-11: Cheap and toyish copy of vsr-10, didnt really like it too much, that time I still kept my guns stock powerwise.

Next and latest gun was TM vsr-10G @150ms: this gun was my second favourite, it had range but I didnt get it to be as accurate as I wanted, I did some DIY mods to it for example, filled stock with hotglue and some foam, made barrel spacers from yoga-mat and tried to make that gun more airsealed. In the end I never got it to where I wanted, it was too loud for me with PDI internals. I sold that gun when I moved to other city.

Now Im looking forward to start playing airsoft again, started to make my ghillie (only have bunch of colored burlap/jute so far) and checked out local NEW fields. My goal is to buy VSR-10 or JG bar-10(G) and set it up for summer games, also will be building my ghillie and abusing all the information I get from this forum, so far I've read some great posts and Im excited to get my hands on another project. Ty for reading! :)
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